Consulting and Collaboration Opportunities


BRASS, LLC is my consulting arm. I am always more than happy to talk to teams or other organizations at any level about how I or my students can help with research and analytics around injuries, athlete health, and sports performance. I also help teams assess how current and new sports technology investments fit in with their organizational goals.

I am also available for media inquiries. I have extensive print and TV experience and enjoy working with media organizations as an expert on issues in which I have expertise (for example health-related statistical analyses, sports injury issues, and the intersection of COVID and sports).

Some examples of my public work can be found here, and I’ve appeared on or in the New York Times, NBC, CBS, USA Today, HBO Real Sports, PBS Frontline, the Washington Post, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated, among other outlets. My resume is here and a CV is here.

I currently teach statistics and conduct research full-time at Oxford College of Emory University. I have past experience consulting for NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA Division I teams, as well as sports technology and pharmaceutical companies. I am happy to provide more details and references upon request. If you would like to discuss a consulting arrangement or have a media request, please just reach out to me at Zachary [dot] Binney [at] gmail [dot] com or zbinney [at] emory [dot] edu!

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